Tantalum chip capacitors from AVX now deliver higher CV than X5R dielectric ceramic devices

by donpedro

AVX Corporation has more than doubled the volumetric efficiency of its tantalum technology, enabling latest versions of its TACmicrochip® capacitor to deliver 15µF/4V and 10µF/6V from a 0402 chip. The CV performance of these TLC series devices is even greater than ceramic MLCC devices using the X5R dielectric. The design of the TACmicrochip® capacitor series eliminates the need for molded plastic from the packaging – required in traditional designs – allowing much greater capacitance to be squeezed into a given package. This has increased the volumetric efficiency from less than 15% to approaching 50% – making them applicable for a much wider range of uses.
High CV 15µF/4V, 10µF/6V TLC parts suit miniature application such as hearing aids, ultra-thin smart phones and tablet PCs.
TBC capacitors are available to three specifications: the conservative military standard CWR15, ranging from 0.47µF to 68µF; COTS-Plus devices which can be supplied tested to customized parameters; and SRC9000 devices – specially dedicated to satellites and space systems – which are subjected to special post-assembly tests to assure the highest quality levels.


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