How standardisation for data centres can reduce costs and speed up time-to-market

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Discover energy-efficient and time-saving connectivity solutions at the HARTING Web-Seminar.

The worldwide data centre market is experiencing explosive year-on-year growth as our reliance on remote working, computer apps and the Internet of Things increases at a staggering rate. These changes to our working lives mean businesses and individuals need reliable access to data to allow them to embrace new ways of working.

As we become more reliant on accessing this data, it’s essential that data centres and their IT infrastructure run as smoothly and efficiently as possible and any system failures are repaired quickly.

Join experts from the HARTING Technology Group, Delta Energy Systems and ZVK GmbH on Wednesday 17th January 2024 for an informative live webinar looking at how standardisation for data centres can reduce costs and speed up time-to-market.

During the Web-Seminar, the panel will discuss in English how standardisation based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) can help to reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO). The OCP is a community with a focus on open source and open collaboration, which is committed to redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support growing data centre demands.

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You’ll learn how standardisation helps reduce complexity and speeds up time-to-market. In addition, you’ll discover that space saving components can open up more IT space for computer equipment and how employing energy efficient connectors improves energy efficiency by up to 50 %.

To register for the Web-Seminar, please click below and complete the simple form. You may also register for our Web-Seminars if you do not have time to attend live. You will receive an e-mail after the Web-Seminar with a link to the video recording.

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