SINN Power introduces Ocean Hybrid Platform (OHP)

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SINN Power‘s Ocean Hybrid Platform (OHP) is now available for project developers around the world. The world’s first modular, multi-functional maritime structure comes with a high degree of customization: size, buoyancy, layout and a variety of renewable energy sources can be adapted with regards to project‘s specific demands. Combining different energy sources and LFP storage solutions is made possible by SINN Power‘s ModTroniX (MTX), the world‘s first product family of electric machines, power electronics and storage solutions with IP68 rating.

SINN Power‘s demonstration project of the OHP was deployed in proximity to the port of Heraklion (Greece), where SINN Power operates its R&D facility. The modular platform is currently equipped with 192 PV modules (72 cells) rated at 390Wp each, provided by project partner Schmid Pekintas (Turkey), and will be complemented with 4 Huracan wind turbines (10kWp each) by LuvSide (Germany), followed by 4 SINN Power wave energy converters (WEC). Despite numerous challenges due to the COVID pandemic, the team managed to complete the installations within a time frame of 1 month and is looking to further accelerate the installation process for future deployments. The structural integrity of the platform in the maritime environment has been tested at the breakwater wall since 2015 and SINN Power‘s ModTroniX, a product family of IP68 rated power electronics, will ensure the longevity and financial success of OHP projects around the world.

Strong partners, industry experts and a clear mission.

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Sinn (CEO, Founder): “The entire team has done a phenomenal job in the past years and I am proud that our technologies are now finding their way into the market. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated members of our team in Gauting and at our R&D facility in Heraklion (GRE). Developing a disruptive, innovative technology not only requires a motivated and dedicated team, but courageous and visionary partners – I would like to express my gratitude to the BMWi & PTJ (German Federal Government), besides others the TUM and MUAS, my mentor Dr. Lotahr Stein, all the investors: SICK AG, Roell Partners, Michael Kuri, Dorothea Sick-Thies (Save the Planet) and specially SINN Power’s lead investor Umut Ertan from Schweizer Kapital for their continuous support and trust.”

Modularity along all components ensure financial competitiveness.

By following a modular design approach, SINN Power has managed to address and solve numerous challenges with regards to logistics, installation and operations, all of which impact the financial performance significantly. All components of the OHP are easy to ship preferably in standard 40’ containers, making it possible to deploy projects all around the world. Due to these dimensions, the required infrastructure and tools to install the OHP are reduced to light tools. All components come pre-fabricated and the on-site installation is limited to plug&play tasks. Additionally, SINN Power emphasized on enabling hot-swapping for all components, which enables repairs and replacement of components without shutting down the entire OHP. A crucial advantage of SINN Power‘s modular approach is its impact on the financial performance – economies of scale reduce the cost thanks to the mass-production of the repeating components. Depending on the size and RE-layout, SINN Power envisages CAPEX for the structure starting at €0.09/Wp.

The perfect layout for every climate – each project can be optimized.

The combination of different renewable energy sources on the OHP enables an undisputed energy density and furthermore allows to optimize every project individually, based on the local climate and resources accordingly. Leveraging a sophisticated database, SINN Power has developed an input-based project configuration tool that provides complete project layouts within a couple of clicks. By providing coordinates the configuration tool simulates the best composition of the renewable energy sources, whilst providing BOMs, electrical schematics and financial models. The required time to simulate, develop and calculate renewable energy projects is drastically reduced and SINN Power can deliver turn-key solutions to customers. SINN Power‘s OHP can be used to replace Diesel generators on remote islands or to complement large offshore wind parks around the world. The smallest possible unit is 24m × 24m with an installed power of 80kWp and the largest standard OHP is 120m × 120m and in its maximum layout accumulates to an installed power of 5MWp.

Designed for the ocean – but not only.

The OHP was specifically designed for deployment in the maritime environment, however based on the core principle, SINN Power offers two variants of the platform for deployment in waters with little to no swell. Due to their design, these platforms are currently only suitable for PV installations.

ModTroniX – the hidden champion and key enabler.

During SINN Power‘s development of the OHP it quickly became clear, that there are no power electronics solutions which can survive in the harsh maritime environment. Additionally, SINN Power had to develop an electric solution that would allow to connect different producers and consumers in a stable and smart network. The result is ModTroniX (MTX), a product family of electric machines, power electronics and storage solutions with an IP68 rating, which are designed to form smart grids in MW dimensions. Following SINN Power‘s modular design philosophy, all ModTroniX components can be connected by a plug&play principle, thus enabling variations in capacity and functionality.

SINN Power Virtual Live Reveal.

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