SECO to strengthen their collaboration with Axelera AI at Embedded World 2024

High performance, low latency AI inference offers significant benefits for OEMs

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SECO, a global leader in delivering end-to-end technological solutions for industrial digitalization, is strengthening their collaboration with Axelera AI on Computer Vision and Generative AI at the Edge, which will be highlighted with at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany from 9-11 April, in hall 1, booth 1-320.

Axelera AI is a foundational block of the long-term strategy of SECO on Artificial Intelligence. By delivering a streamlined ecosystem for managing high-performance, low latency AI inference at the Edge on low-power, constrained environments, customers will be able to run complex workloads without resorting to the Cloud, from Computer Vision to LLMs at the Edge for Generative AI. The tight integration with SECO’s Clea Software Suite will provide users with a complete toolkit for running seamlessly distributed AI workloads at the Edge and in the Cloud.

This partnership firmly integrates Axelera AI’s technology into the SECO product portfolio, thereby extending SECO’s offering into the high-end computer vision market segment, and creating integrated, value-added solutions that unlock the potential of accelerated edge AI in multiple vertical markets.

The enhanced and extended product portfolio will reduce technological complexity for SECO’s customers, cutting their time to market and design risk, and allowing them to fully focus on their key business goals.

Among the SECO and Axelera AI technologies and demos highlighted at the show are:

  • An “Order Flow Assist” demo showing how to revolutionize logistics efficiency with AI and Computer Vision. Powered by Axelera’s Metis AI Processing Unit, it enables rapid and accurate analysis of operators’ movements, streamlining workflows with advanced edge capabilities for effortless scalability on demand. It features SECO’s SOM-COMe-BT6-CFL-H system on module (SoM) with Intel® 8th gen CoreTM
  • An “AI people detection and object recognition” demo showcasing object detection capabilities and real-time AI analysis of video streams using the YoloV5s AI model on Axelera AI’s Metis AIPU, combined with SECO’s SOM-COM-HPC-A-ADL-P SoM with Intel® 12th gen Core processors​. The SoM connects to a carrier board with four cameras for real-time analysis. The CPU sends frames to the AI processor on the Metis AIPU for parallel processing, maximizing core utilization. Inference results are promptly displayed on a connected screen for swift analysis.
  • An exhibition sample of a Titan 300 TGL UP3 AI fanless embedded computer equipped with 11th Gen Intel® Core and Intel® Celeron® systems-on-chip (SoCs), complemented by the Axelera AI chip. Powered by a single Metis AIPU capable of delivering up to 120 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), this product features a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU). Axelera AI’s Voyager SDK enables effortless deployment of AI applications, showing the potential of the Metis AI Processing Unit.

“SECO’s partnership with Axelera AI marks a transformative step forward in high-performance AI inference solutions and industrial digitalization. By integrating Axelera AI’s technology, we’re streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency across diverse markets. Our extended edge AI portfolio not only simplifies technology for our clients but also accelerates their time to market, empowering them to focus on their core objectives, looking confidently at the future of Generative AI at the Edge.” said Vincenzo Difronzo, Chief Sales Officer of SECO.

“Our partnership with SECO reinforces our strong European DNA while providing us the opportunity to delight our customers with the most innovative product portfolio in the embedded space. With Metis, the most powerful AI accelerator in the market, merged with SECO’s deep expertise in designing and developing solutions for various vertical markets, we offer a unique value proposition. Our customers can count a long-term partnership between us, enabling them to accelerate their innovation now and in the future, from computer vision to generative AI applications.” said Flavio Devidé, Vice President of Sales & Customer Success of Axelera AI.

To experience these advanced technologies and understand how they can benefit your business, visit SECO in hall 1, booth 1-320 at Embedded World 2024.


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