Sapcorda to introduce program for GNSS augmentation service integrators

by donpedro

Sapcorda Services GmbH (“Sapcorda”) today announced the release of its SAPA augmentation service integration program. Following the launch of its SAPA Premium service, Sapcorda’s integration program introduces the next phase in the dissemination of its highly innovative GNSS positioning service across United States and Europe. The integration program targets traditional and new companies integrating GNSS chips or receivers and looking to enable their systems to perform in high-accuracy mode. The program offers step by step service integration and proof of concept guidance for upgrading the integrators’ GNSS systems to deliver down to cm-level positioning accuracy. The program also includes the offering of free service data, used to validate positioning performance on the target application. The program participants also receive commercial support for introducing the correction data on their marketed products.

The SAPA service is delivered using optimized data format and can be integrated by modern or traditional high-accuracy receivers compatible with open standards such as SPARTN and RTCM. “With this program we want to disseminate the experience of GNSS high accuracy performance across Europe and the United States. GNSS integrators will be able to directly observe unprecedented accuracy performance with improvements of several orders magnitude when compared to standalone GNSS positioning”, CTO Rodrigo Leandro said.

Sapcorda’s SAPA services are designed to bring high precision GNSS positioning to mass market, as well as general industrial and automotive applications. The correction data stream is optimized for homogeneous performance and end-to-end data security with continental coverage in the United States and Europe. The service data transmission also provides unmatched low bandwidth consumption, with broadcast transmission via direct IP connection or geostationary satellite signal (L-Band).

Sapcorda Services GmbH

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