RX62T motor control demonstration kit simplifies the development of highly-efficient DC drives

by donpedro

MSC now offers an extensively equipped RX62T motor control demonstration kit for brushless DC motors for just 119 euros.

The YRMCKITRX62T starter packet – based on the latest RX family of microcontrollers (MCUs) from Renesas, which is specifically tailored to the needs of modern drive controls – enables a simple and hence especially cost-effective development of highly-efficient drive systems.

With a CPU performance of 165 Dhrystone MIPS, a Floating Point Unit (FPU), two 12-bit A/D converters, comparators and two powerful timer units (MTU3 and GPT), the RX62T MCU is able to control brushless DC motors via highly-accurate vector control algorithms and at the same time take care of the power factor correction and communication interfaces. This ensures the highest precision and energy efficiency, even for requirements with rapid load changes. Furthermore, with the integrated CAN, LIN and SPI interfaces, the microcontroller can be easily networked with other units.
In order to relieve developers of as much work as possible, the kit includes the complete circuit diagrams and the whole source code for control of brushless motors. The user can thus choose between sensorless algorithms and applications with Hall sensors or encoders.
The kit is provided with a small 24V BLDC motor, which enables uncomplicated and quick initial tests. Matching to a specific motor type is achieved by simple changes to some software parameters. Since motor data such as speed, torque and phase currents can be displayed and evaluated in real-time with special PC software, an optimization of the control is possible without any great effort. With the optionally available E1 debugger, the supplied source code can be individually adapted and extended with own routines.
The integrated output stage allows the use of motors with up to 24V supply voltage. However, an external output stage for motors up to 400V, which is likewise available from Renesas, can also be connected.

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