Rohde & Schwarz R&S®NGL200 Power Supply Series Now Available from Farnell element14

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Farnell element14, the Development Distributor, is now stocking the R&S®NGL200 series of power supplies. The new range combines high accuracy with fast load recovery time and ease of use making them ideally suited to engineers dealing with challenging applications such as handling load changes in mobile phones and IoT devices without creating voltage drops or overshoots.

The two-quadrant architecture of the R&S®NGL200 Series allows the products to function both as high-precision power sources and as sinks that can simulate batteries and loads with minimum residual ripple and noise, suitable for the development of power amplifiers and MMICs. Short recovery times enable them to handle fast load changes appropriate, for instance, for situations where mobile communication devices switch from sleep mode to transmit mode.

The circuit design of the R&S®NGL200 Series allows the user to determine how the power supply regulates load changes, and the ‘fast’ default setting is optimised for speed, achieving recovery times of less than 30 µs, making the series ideal for powering IoT devices and other battery-operated designs.

The R&S® NGL200 series is also incredibly easy to use with a high-resolution touchscreen and colour-coding for different operating modes.  The QuickArb function also supports more points (4096 points) and runs Arb sequences faster than other power supplies on the market.

The R&S®NGL200 series also features:

  • A 6½-digit resolution display making the units perfect for characterising devices that have low power consumption in standby modes and high current in full-load operation. As the entire measuring range is covered without having to switch ranges faster measurements are achieved and in many cases, an additional digital multimeter is unnecessary.
  • Output channels which are floating, galvanically isolated and protected against overload and short circuits.
  • Due to the fact that an output stage is isolated with relays, switching off an output channel does not switch off the output voltage.
  • Can be used in constant voltage mode as well as constant current mode , with each channel separately configurable. Current limiting ensures that only the configured current can flow, preventing damage to the test circuit in the event of a fault. When operating as an electronic load, the power supply in constant resistance mode behaves like an adjustable resistance over the entire load range, making it possible to simulate battery discharge with a constant load resistance.
  • A variable internal impedance allowing users to simulate certain battery types or the increase in internal impedance as a battery discharges in a controlled manner.

“The R&S®NGL200 Series is ideally suited for use in laboratory and ATE environments” James McGregor, Global Head of Category – Test, Tools and Production Supplies at Farnell element14 and Premier Farnell.   “This new addition means that Farnell element14 can support design engineers working across all types of application development, with a broad range of budgets.”

The Rohde & Schwarz range at Farnell element14 also includes the R&S®NGE100B basic power supply suitable for education purposes, on the workbench and in system racks and the R&S®HMP2000/4000 –performance power supplies suitable for labs and ATE applications.

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