Prevent Data Loss with Cervoz Industrial SSDs

Protect Your Data Against Unexpected Power Loss

by gabi

In the era of 5G/AIoT, massive numbers of devices are interconnected, resulting in a large amount of real-time data that needs to be collected, processed, and analyzed. While the world becomes more data-oriented, data management must be prioritized, especially data protection in the event of a power anomaly,

Cervoz Powergard SSD serials featuring Power Loss Protection (PLP) protect against data loss during unexpected power outages, and integrated tantalum capacitors to store extra power, ensuring the SSD module’s uninterruptible power supply so that storage write operations can be safely completed and data integrity remains.

Cervoz Powerguard SSD Serials

Cervoz has a wealth of experience in ensuring data transfer integrity and minimizing the possibility of device failure during unexpected power outages. Contact us for more product information.


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