Premier Farnell helps customers take control of their environments with the addition of Purrmetrix data logging sensors and gateways

by donpedro

Premier Farnell, which operates as Farnell element14 in Europe, has added Purrmetrix to its line card for data logging sensors. Purrmetrix brings an entirely new approach to data loggers. Unlike existing data logging products it needs no one to collect or download data from the sensors and the data is transmitted live to the Purrmetrix web service.

The range of data logging sensors and sensor gateways allow users to measure log and analyse a range of environmental variables including temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy, making it possible to quickly build a deep understanding of the conditions affecting anything from a greenhouse to a housing estate.  The flexible and low-cost sensors and gateways are suitable for a broad range of industries including facilities management, energy management, Data Centres, social housing and agriculture.

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