Preh Car Connect selects Excelfore eSync as the OTA pipeline for European OEM production deployment

by donpedro

Excelfore, an innovator in automotive over-the-air (OTA) and data aggregation technologies, announces that its implementation of eSync has been adopted by Preh Car Connect GmbH of Dresden, Germany, to provide OTA updating capability to the Preh Android Embedded Module (AEM).

The Preh AEM is an innovative product which provides Android-based Infotainment to automotive head units. A major European automaker is expected to begin shipping new vehicles with AEM installed in the first quarter of 2020.

The eSync platform employs a server-client-agent architecture to build a scalable and secure bi-directional data pipeline between the cloud and the various electronic end devices in a vehicle. It can update software and firmware over-the-air (OTA), and can collect real-time operating data from any eSync Compliant end devices in the vehicle.

“We recognize Preh’s growing strength in innovative software for the connected vehicle,” said Shrinath Acharya, CEO of Excelfore. He continued, adding, “Preh’s strong relations with major European OEMs, combined with their worldwide footprint, will enable deployment of this solution soon in Asian, European and North American automotive markets.”

Stavros Mitrakis, CEO at Preh Car Connect said, “Excelfore eSync has scalability to grow with our customers’ OTA requirements, as well as standardization for long-term economies of scale, and security to give confidence to the car-buying public. Also, the ability to localize the policies for OTA update campaigns means we can deploy our products into new geographies without requiring re-engineering of the OTA platform. “

Excelfore provides a full implementation of the eSync pipeline for Preh Car Connect, including server software in the cloud, and the client and agent firmware for the AEM.  The Excelfore eSync firmware has been implemented across numerous automotive operating systems including Linux, QNX, Integrity, AUTOSAR and several smaller RTOSs.  It is the first OTA solution qualified as an accelerator for the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).  The specifications for the eSync data pipeline and eSync compliant components can be accessed through the eSync Alliance, an open multi-company trade association.


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