NOVOSENSE Unveils Next-Generation NSOPA Series of High-Performance Operational Amplifiers for Automotive and Industrial Applications

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NOVOSENSE Microelectronics, a semiconductor company specializing in high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), has launched its new NSOPA series of general-purpose operational amplifiers. Engineered for automotive and industrial applications, these amplifiers can be widely used for signal conditioning of voltage, current, temperature, and other signals, OBC/DC-DC/PDU, traction inverters, BMS, thermal management, BCM, industrial automation, photovoltaic inverters, motor drivers, digital power supplies and charging stations.

The inaugural product line, the NSOPA9xxx series, caters to high-voltage applications of up to 40V. Additionally, a low-voltage product series operating at 5.5V will soon debut. Within each series, a diverse array of models is available, featuring bandwidth options of 1MHz, 5MHz, or 10MHz, with configurations of 1, 2, or 4 channels. Moreover, both industrial and automotive-grade versions are offered for each model, ensuring comprehensive coverage of varying market requirements.

The automotive version of the NSOPA9xxx series meets the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 1, and can operate in harsh environments from -40°C to 125°C. Different package versions are available to meet different customer needs: SOT23-5, SOIC-8 for 1-channel; MSOP-8, SOP-8 for 2-channel; and TSSOP-14, SOP-14 for 4-channel.

Centered on automotive electronics and renewable energy, the introduction of the NSOPA series significantly reinforces NOVOSENSE’s product offerings in these critical sectors. The naming convention of the series provides clear insights into its functionalities: “OPA” designates its role as an operational amplifier; the first digit, either 9 for high voltage (40V) or 8 for low voltage (5.5V); the following two digits denote the bandwidth; and the last digit indicates the number of channels. For instance, NSOPA9052 signifies a 40V (withstand voltage), 5MHz (bandwidth), 2-channel operational amplifier, streamlining identification for customers regarding its function, bandwidth, and channel count.

Low offset, low drift, high PSRR

The NSOPA9xxx series attains exceptional performance with low offset and minimal drift. Take, for instance, the NSOPA905x model, boasting an offset voltage of merely 200μV and a drift as low as 0.5μV/°C. The series also has built-in EMI/RFI filters to strengthen the suppression of space radiation interference, ensuring good anti-interference and robustness of devices in practical applications.

When the power supply surpasses 4V, the typical DC Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) exceeds 130dB, while the AC PSRR reaches 85dB at 1kHz and 65dB at 10kHz. These figures surpass the industry standard, setting a new benchmark for performance, enhancing performance stability and inhibition interference coupling to the acquisition loop through the power path.

Rail-to-rail input and output, high common-mode rejection

The NSOPA9xxx series provides customers with input and output rail-to-rail performance, with an input common-mode range from V–0.1 to V++0.1. The DC common-mode rejection ratio (DC PSRR) is 110dB minimum and 120dB typical in the main input pair interval of a 40V power supply. The CMRR is also very effective in suppressing the common-mode variation at high frequencies.

Wide bandwidth, high slew rate and low noise

The NSOPA9xxx series excels in AC parameter performance, offering versatile options tailored to various bandwidth requirements. Notably, the series includes three distinct versions—NSOPA901x, NSOPA905x, and NSOPA910x—each corresponding to bandwidths of 1MHz, 5MHz, and 10MHz, respectively, catering to diverse application needs. Equipped with a built-in slew boosting circuit designed for handling large signals, it boasts an impressive slew rate of 12V/μs, adept at managing sudden pulse signals such as those encountered in overcurrent or overvoltage scenarios crucial for system safety. This high slew rate facilitates swifter triggering of protection thresholds, thereby affording crucial time for system protection mechanisms to engage. Furthermore, in terms of noise performance, the NSOPA series leverages a low-noise process platform, delivering a minimal output noise of 6μV within the low-frequency range of 0.1Hz to 10Hz.

Easy response to large input signal transitions

NSOPA905x adopts a unique design that ensures minimal current (<1μA) flow, effectively mitigating heating concerns within the operational amplifier, thus ensuring stable and reliable operation.

Learn more about the NSOPA series here.

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