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POWER2GO LIFE — Copyright Image: BMZ

BMZ Group, a globally recognized specialist in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, is pleased to introduce its latest product innovation POWER2GO, which is now available for pre-order and will be available for delivery as from January 2024. POWER2GO is the maxi version of the well-known and popular power bank for household use. POWER2GO offers independence from the power grid, both in the event of a power failure and far away from the nearest power socket.

POWER2GO grants independence of the power grid. Weighing just 23 kg and measuring 452 x 373 x 192 mm, the portable energy storage unit offers a very high, constant, long-term power output of 2,500 watts and can even operate devices with peak outputs of up to 5,700 watts without any problems. POWER2GO impresses with its amazing energy density of 125 Wh/kg. With the POWER2GO, you benefit from long operating times between charging cycles and can, for example, use a hammer drill for 70 minutes, operate an industrial vacuum cleaner for two hours, swing a hedge trimmer for three and a half hours or work on a laptop for a full 38 hours. Other unique selling points are the high IP 65 protection class, which certifies that the device is dust-proof and waterproof, and the fact that it does not require a fan and therefore operates absolutely quietly. The POWER2GO has a robust aluminum housing, which makes it a durable and safe product. The POWER2GO is based on German engineering know-how, which is valued worldwide.

POWER2GO will be launched in two versions:

  • POWER2GO LIFE addresses discerning users and, in addition to the earthed socket, offers additional connections (10 watt USB A, 100 watt USB C and 120 watt/12 V on-board power socket), a display and a light.
  • POWER2GO WORK is perfectly suited for use in demanding work environments. With the same performance features, the focus here is on robustness and ease of use. The tubular frame around the housing provides the device with special protection.

POWER2GO WORK — Copyright Image: BMZ

POWER2GO helps everyone whose job, do-it-yourself project or hobby, leisure activity or family excursion takes them outdoors to achieve the independence and freedom they long for. From street food van operators, DJs and filmmakers to craftsmen, foresters and farmers – the POWER2GO is a problem solver for a wide range of applications. POWER2GO is always a reliable partner at the side of professionals, DIY enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creatives and experimenters whenever the power grid lets them down.

BMZ Founder and Group CEO Sven Bauer comments: “POWER2GO is the unleashing of the power grid. POWER2GO is freedom and freedom is the dedication to a self-chosen goal. The pursuit of freedom is both the deepest basic human need and the basis for innovation and success.”

The POWER2GO beats a conventional generator not only in terms of size and weight. POWER2GO is quiet and emission-free. Charged with solar power, POWER2GO is not only easier to handle, but also environmentally friendly and is therefore part of the energy transition that is urgently needed to protect the climate.

The POWER2GO can be purchased in the BMZ online store at: The POWER2GO is now available for pre-order. The gross recommended retail price is € 2,550 for the POWER2GO LIFE and € 2,750 for the POWER2GO WORK. A 10% pre-order discount will be granted on orders placed in December 2023.

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