New Microchip USB2.0 4-port controller hub featuring FlexConnect technology connects smartphones to automotive infotainment systems

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Microchip announces the extension of its USB2 Controller Hub (UCH2) portfolio with the new automotive-grade, 4-port, USB84604 IC. Featuring FlexConnect technology and an upstream port that supports both USB2.0 and

High Speed Interchip (HSIC) connectivity, the new USB84604 UCH2 is ideal for automotive infotainment system designs, where USB port expansion and connectivity is needed.
Meeting the desire of consumers for a “connected vehicle,” Microchip’s FlexConnect technology allows for easy port reversals or “role swapping.” The USB84604’s downstream port 1 is able to swap with the upstream host port, thus transferring the host capability to the product connected to the UCH2, such as smartphones and tablets. This unique capability allows for the smartphone ecosystem of software and applications to be connected to the automobile infotainment system.
The IC’s HSIC connectivity, which incorporates Microchip’s Inter-Chip Connectivity™ technology, enables the USB84604 UCH2 connected on a circuit board to utilize the ubiquitous USB2.0 protocol, dramatically decreasing power consumption. This power reduction is most obvious when actively transferring data, and has been measured to be one seventh of the power consumed by a pair of traditional USB2.0 physical-layer transceivers.
The 4-port USB84604 UCH2 can attach to an upstream port as a Full Speed hub or as a Full/High Speed hub. When connected to a High Speed host, the four downstream-facing ports can operate at Low Speed (1.5 Mbps), Full Speed (12 Mbps) or High Speed (480 Mbps). Additionally, the USB84604’s integrated battery-charger-detection circuitry supports downstream battery detection and charging, providing the ability to replace external battery chargers with advanced battery-charging modes such as USB-IF Battery Charging (BC1.2) and Apple®.
To ensure optimised signal strengths and robust operation in the harsh Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) environments typical of automotive applications, Microchip’s VariSense™ and PHYBoost technologies have also been integrated into the UCH2.

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