Mouser Now Shipping Renesas Electronics RA8x1 480MHz Arm Cortex-M85 Microcontrollers with Helium and TrustZone

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now shipping  the RA8M1 and RA8D1  microcontrollers (MCUs) from Renesas Electronics. The RA8x1 MCUs are the industry’s first 32-bit microcontrollers based on an Arm® Cortex®-M85 (480MHz) core with Helium, delivering breakthrough performance of over 3000 coremarks, and  low latency, real-time operation, ideally suited for industrial automation, appliances, smart home or building, voice and vision AI, and healthcare applications.

The Renesas RA8M1 and RA8D1 microcontrollers, available from Mouser, are versatile devices with high-performance processing power, robust memory (1 MB SRAM with up to 2 MB code flash memory), multiple external interfaces, and a rich peripheral set optimized for secure, high-performance IoT applications. The RA8x1 devices also feature TrustZone® technology, with next-gen cryptography, secure boot and tamper protection, and both DPA and SPA side-channel attack protection for truly secure IoT.

The RA8M1 and RA8D1 microcontrollers are supported by the EK-RA8M1 and EK-RA8D1 evaluation kits, also available from Mouser. These evaluation kits enable users to effortlessly evaluate the features of the RA8x1 MCUs and develop embedded systems applications with Renesas’ Flexible Software Package (FSP) and the e2 Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to access rich onboard features and flexibility for user’s choice of popular ecosystem add-ons.

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