Mobile Medical All-in-One PC with Alder Lake CPU

by gabi

Mobile data collection in hospitals. With the EN60601 certified WMP-24P from ICP Germany, this requirement can be met with ease. The WMP-24P All-in-One PC has a 23.8″ display and offers a resolution of 1920×1080.

Operation and data acquisition are carried out via the antibacterial projected capacitive touch screen. The Alder Lake U CPU provides sufficient processing power for data acquisition and analysis. Standard variants with Core i5 or i7 are available. Equipped with 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD, standard operating systems such as Windows 11 can be used. If more memory is required, the RAM can be expanded to up to 64GB. In addition to the M.2 NVME SSD, a 2.5″ SSD can also be installed for additional backup data acquisition. The WMP-24P can be expanded via a variety of interfaces. A PCIe x4 expansion slot for plug-in cards, four USB3.2, one RS-232/422/485, one RS-232, two RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, Audio Line Out and Mic-IN, DP, HDMI and HDMI Video-In are available. The All-In-One PC is also equipped with loudspeakers and LED reading light. With the 14-24VDC input, it can be operated via the battery of a sister vehicle or with the supplied AC/DC power supply. Optionally, the WMP-24P can be equipped with its own battery packs so that it can be used on trolleys without an integrated battery pack. Variants with IP54 protection or isolated interfaces are also available. A wide range of individual customization options can be implemented by ICP Germany on request.

WMP-24P – Medical All-in-One PC with Alder Lake CPU


  • Medical All-In-One PC with Alder Lake U processor
  • 12th generation Core-I
  • 23.8″ screen diagonal with 1080p resolution
  • EN60601 certified
  • Fanless housing concept for low-maintenance operation
  • Dual storage with M.2 and 2.5″
  • White, antibacterial housing design
  • 4Kv IO isolation
  • PCIe x4 expansion
  • Numerous options such as hot swap batteries, IP54 housing,

WLAN, webcam, RFID, TPM, FHD Capture etc.


  • Data acquisition
  • Nurse trolleys
  • Hospital

ICP Deutschland

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