Microlease rental service expands its industrial offering

by donpedro

Microlease, the world leader in equipment services and distribution to the test and measurement industry, has officially announced it is offering the rental of test and measurement equipment to the UK, German and Spanish industrial markets.

Microlease has addressed customer demands in this sector by increasing its product range with the introduction of the latest electrical energy meters from manufacturers Fluke and Chauvin Arnaux. The demand for instrument fleet technology has also been met with a boost in instruments from Omicron, Megger and Yokogawa adding to Microlease’s comprehensive industrial offering. With an inventory of over $1.1 billion products from leading suppliers not only will engineers have access to the latest test equipment, they will also have multiple options relating to how they can deploy it – including rental, leasing or purchase – delivering vital flexibility in addition to significant time and cost savings.

As well as enjoying the cost savings associated with the rental approach, engineers taking advantage of the service will have access to high-quality technical support that will deliver free servicing and calibration on all rented equipment.

This high level of support is also available at the front end, with trained sales engineers being on hand to quickly ensure that customers are not only directed to equipment that matches their precise needs, but also advised on the rental or buying decision, based on the parameters and use cases of the equipment. Once a decision has been made, Microlease can then offer financing in addition to equipment sourcing – both certified pre-owned or new products.

“The expansion of our rental service into these three territories is reinforcing our commitment to delivering global capabilities,” says Reinier Treur, EMEA Inventory and Sourcing Director at Microlease, “with the industrial sector evolving at a staggering pace, new standards being introduced all the time and legislation being created to reflect changing market and customer demands, staying one step ahead of the game is now more important than ever. By having access to the latest industrial equipment, engineers can have the peace of mind that they are testing to the best of their abilities, delivering right-first-time products and reinforcing their company’s own goodwill in what is becoming an incredibly competitive landscape.”

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