Link Motion develops connected car computer with Qt

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DQ197A_Figure_1_HFounded to create a new value chain in the automotive industry, Link Motion is a dedicated automotive software and hardware company that focuses on the core computing problem in the automotive connected world: creating secure, robust and reliable car computing platform in a cost efficient way. Link Motion solution is a single computer that supports multiple displays, including central unit, cluster and HUD for a wide range of automotive customers. Unlike most automotive entertainment and information systems, Link Motion’s car computer was designed with security built in from the start. This is the foundation that needs to be completed with superior automotive user experience.

Link Motion Moves to Qt
Using Qt technology in the development of the user interface provides opportunities for a better user experience and flexible customization for each customer project. Open source technologies such as Qt are a must for enabling new solution architectures. Link Motion chose to use Qt because of its wide ecosystem support, effective tool chain and because it was so easy to rapidly create high performance (60fps) interfaces. These are great benefits also in terms of reducing time to market. Jouni Mikkonen, CEO of Link Motion says: “Qt is a great choice for us in building an excellent and customizable user experience. Thanks to its graphical capabilities, we are able to render visually impressive, high-performance, hardware accelerated graphics on two or three screens at once. Our cooperation with Qt continues even tighter now after the first successful project.”

Tero Marjamäki, the Head of Automotive at The Qt Company, states: “I am really excited about Link Motion’s decision to use Qt for their multi-screen automotive solution. The automotive industry is following us closely and we already have a broad range of automotive brands in our portfolio. Tier-1s and OEMs who are developing in-vehicle systems for regular family cars, to electric vehicles, sports cars and super cars are turning to Qt for a solution that is setting the new industry standard for automotive cockpit development. Working together with Link Motion, further strengthens Qt’s position in the automotive cluster and HUD solutions.


Link Motion

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