L2Tek sells AMoIP OEM platform delivering video over Ethernet for medical, industrial and surveillance applications

by donpedro

L2-1702-CoreEL-printL2Tek, a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of components and sub-assemblies for professional video and high-speed communications systems, is selling CoreEL’s All Media Over IP (AMoIP) board level solution. The AMoIP is a versatile market ready OEM platform which transmits and receives video, audio and control over standard 1G Ethernet infrastructure optimised with ultra-low latency for real-time interaction with the video content applicable within medical, industrial and surveillance use. The system also supports KVM, RS-232 and other custom signals over IP and can serve traditional video broadcast and professional audio/video (Pro AV) applications.
The AMoIP solution features high quality ‘visually lossless’ video streaming (1080p59.94/50 resolution and frame rates) with up to 200 Mbps bit rates and end-to-end latency below 10ms (including a COTS Ethernet switch). In case multiple lower bit rate streaming (1080p29.97/25) is preferred, the AMoIP platform can also provide up to 15 Mbps with Inter Frame (Long GOP) encoding.

There is optional support for image capture (snapshot) of incoming video – the captured image being JPEG encoded and transmitted over IP. Image processing capabilities include upscaling and downscaling (while maintaining aspect ratio), overlay and alpha blending, configurable splash screen at reset or power-up or loss of input video. At the heart of the AMoIP hardware kit is a high quality digital audio and video connectivity FPGA card combined with a low bit rate digital signal processor. The PoE powered solution has a small form factor for ease of installation and can be quickly customised to match OEM specific video over IP designs based on application and specific use.

L2Tek | www.l2tek.co.uk

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