Kontron Pico Client: Industrial Mini Panel PC with ARM9 processor

by donpedro

The new RISC-based Kontron Panel PC Pico Client with 5.7″ touch screen, which Kontron introduced at Embedded World in Nurnberg, Germany, is an extremely compact, cost-effective and energy-saving industrial panel PC. The front-side IP65-protected Kontron Pico Client with resistive 5.7-inch VGA TFT touch-screen (640×480) is designed for visualization and control tasks in machinery and equipment. Thanks to its low-power design, it is also attractive for mobile devices and vehicles.

The Jazelle extension integrated in the 200MHz/32Bit ARM9 processor runs Java code directly on the hardware, which speeds up cross-platform Java applications by up to eight times. This enables Kontron’s low power Panel PC to run even complex Java applications on an extremely compact footprint, bringing more flexibility and usability to cost sensitive applications with tight power restrictions in markets such as industrial and building automation, logistics and process control.

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