Innovative FemtoFiber Laser Solutions

by donpedro

Innovative laser systems tailored by our experts to advance your research!

With more than 15 years of experience in femtosecond fiber laser technology and fiber laser design, TOPTICA offers innovative and custom-tailored laser systems that enable cutting-edge research in the field of quantum technology, biophotonics and solid-state physics.

The range of laser systems extends from synchronized multi-arm configurations for pump-probe spectroscopy to two-color laser solutions for Raman microscopy (CARS / SRS) to highly advanced laser systems that emit phase-stable few-cycle light pulses for controlling individual electrons in solids.

In order to meet the diverse requirements, TOPTICA’s fiber laser technology was developed with maximum flexibility and compatibility. This enables TOPTICA to manufacture simple, compact and turnkey laser solutions that serve highly complex applications and are fully adapted to the needs of our customers. A team of application and technology specialists advises and supports the planning of each custom-tailored laser solution to unlock its full potential for the specific application and to provide our customer with innovative laser systems that advance their research!

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