I’M Intelligent Memory announces its high capacity DDR2 SDRAM IC’s

by donpedro

With capacities of up to 4 Gigabit per chip, I’M Intelligent Memory, a Hong Kong based fabless DRAM manufacturer, enters the market for industrial DDR2 memory components with their mission statement “Beyond Limits”.
DDR2 SDRAM technology is the memory standard that most industrial applications have been designed around for years. I’M pushes this technology even further by offering higher capacities and wider temperature ranges than other manufacturers. The most common densities of DDR2 continue to be 512Mb and 1Gb. The larger capacities, such as 2Gb and 4Gb, are defined by JEDEC, but their availability from other manufacturers continues to be very limited. I’M Intelligent Memory focuses on the high end of DDR2 capacities with their 2Gbit monolithic, 2Gbit Dual-Die (DDP) and 4Gbit DDP components in standard or industrial temperature ranges. For automotive customers, AEC-Q100 versions are also available.

I’M Intelligent Memory

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