Ignition transformers for safe and stable ignition of gas heating systems

by donpedro

Electronical Ignition Sytems high frequency and high voltage > 20 000V

• Circuit board assembly
• Compact design
• For unipolar or bipolar ignition
• For one or two ignition points
• Stringent individual quality-testing
• Self-extinguishing potting and housing material
Ignition transformers from HAHN guarantee safe and stable ignition of your gas-powered heating systems.
Compact in design, they are ideal for use with printed circuit boards. Within our comprehensive Quality Management System which includes several interim checks, each component is subjected to a final 100 % test.
In this test, not only the characteristic data are checked but a high-voltage insulation test is carried out.
The specially selected components are all subjected to a glow wire test according to DIN EN 60 335-1:2005.

Eco Design – HAHN Solutions

Transformers fulfilling the new guidelines of “Energy using products” (EuP). The EuP Serie 2013 of HAHN is perfect for applications of the electric power supply in electrical and electronic household and office equipment with “stand-by” and “off” conditions. Already today where a reduced power consumption of P0 < 0,4 is required, the EuP Serie 2013 of HAHN will be a solution. O’BOYLE s.r.l. Tel.: +4 (0) 256-201346 office@oboyle.ro www.oboyle.ro

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