IDT Introduces New Series of Low-Jitter SiGe VCSOs for Fiber Optic Telecom Applications

by donpedro

Integrated Device Technology, the Analog and Digital Company™ delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, announced a new series of low-jitter silicon-germanium (SiGe) voltage-controlled surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillators (VCSOs). This new series of products supplements IDT’s popular M675 series and high-performance timing portfolio with a higher-frequency low-jitter oscillator designed to meet the stringent requirements of fiber optic telecom applications. The IDT M675S02 series is a single-frequency, single-output VCSO for low-jitter and low-phase noise clock generation, supporting fundamental frequencies from 500MHz to 1GHz. This new device provides higher frequencies than previous generations, and the low jitter and phase noise help to reduce overall bit error rates (BER), making the device well-suited for phase-locked loop applications, clock and data recovery circuits, and other timing applications in telecom and optical fiber networking systems.

Integrated Device Technology Inc.

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