High-quality WiFi and Bluetooth communications tailored to IoT devices using Espressif Systems distributed by Comet Electronics

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Espressif Systems is a multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Greater China, India and Europe. We have a passionate team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, focused on developing cutting-edge WiFi-and-Bluetooth, low-power, IoT solutions. Among our popular products are the ESP8266 and ESP32 series of chips, modules and development boards. By leveraging wireless computing, we provide green, versatile and cost-effective chipsets. We have always been committed to creating IoT solutions that are secure, robust and power-efficient.
The Internet-of-Things era has spurred the development of appliances that require secure and fast Wi-Fi connectivity. ESP8266 was Espressif Systems’ answer to this new reality and the first step in leaving our mark on the rapidly-growing IoT market. Then, we gave the world ESP32, which has become the integrated Wi-Fi & Dual-Mode Bluetooth chip in the IoT industry. It offers the advanced power control and software development kits for any IoT application.
Espressif Systems is committed to providing the IoT devices and software platforms in the industry.We also take pride in helping our customers build their own IoT solutions.We are dedicated to enabling our partners reduce development time and deliver great products with optimized wireless connectivity. Espressif chips, modules and development boards are widely deployed in such products as tablets, OTT-boxes, cameras and IoT gadgets.
Espressif Systems designs a range of high-performance Wi-Fi+Bluetooth (BLE) chipsets and modules. We work with OEMs and ODMs to enable wireless connectivity in their products by developing software solutions that optimize the performance and reduce development time.

ESP8266 – Integrated Wi-Fi solution with very low power
The ESP8266EX microcontroller integrates a 32-bit RISC Tensilica L106 processor that delivers low power consumption and achieves a maximum clock speed of 160MHz. Real-time OS (RTOS) and Wi-Fi stack allow about 80% of processing power to be available for user application programming and development.
The ESP8266EX is integrated with a 32-bit Tensilica processor, standard peripheral digital interfaces, antenna switches, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, filters and power management modules. All of this is included in a small package, ESP8266EX

Low power architecture
Designed for mobile devices, portable electronics and IoT applications, ESP8266EX performs low power consumption combining several patented technologies. The energy saving architecture features three modes of operation: active mode, sleep mode, and deep sleep mode. This allows battery-powered models to work longer.

High reliability
The ESP8266EX is capable of consistently operating in industrial environments due to its wide range of operating temperatures. With integrated chip features and minimal external discrete components, the chip delivers reliability, compactness and robustness.

Quick integration solutions
ESP-WROOM-02 is a 32-bit MCU Wi-Fi MCU based on ESP8266 chip. The TCP / IP network, 10-bit ADC and HSPI/UART/PWM/I2C /I2S interfaces are all embedded in this module.
The ESP-WROOM-S2 uses a 2 MB SPI flash connected to HSPI, running as a slave SDIO / SPI, with SPI up to 8 Mbps.
The ESP8266 can work in a low-power connectivity mode. For example, if it works in DTIM10, it consumes only 1.2mW, maintaining a Wi-Fi connection. The module also integrates a 16 Mbits SPI flash used for storing user programs, data, and firmware.

ESP32 – Power and performance for IoT
Hybrid Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip
ESP32 can function as a fully independent system or slave device for a host MCU, reducing the impact of communication on the main application processor. ESP32 can interface with other systems to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality via the SPI / SDIO or I2C / UART interfaces.

Low power consumption
Designed for mobile devices, portable electronics and IoT applications, ESP32 delivers extremely low power consumption with a combination of several proprietary software. ESP32 also includes state-of-the-art features, using different power modes and dynamic power scaling.

High level of integration
ESP32 is highly integrated with built-in antenna switches, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, filters and power management modules. ESP32 adds precious functionality and versatility to your applications with minimum printed circuit board (PCB) requirements.

Robust design
The ESP32 is capable of operating safely in industrial environments with an operating temperature between -40°C and + 125°C. With advanced calibration circuits, the ESP32 system can dynamically eliminate external circuit imperfections and adapt to changes external conditions.

ESP32 – WROOM-32
Based on the ESP32 SoC (System-On-Chip), the ESP32-WROOM-32 has high performance, a wide range of peripherals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio, providing a complete solution tailored to advanced IoT applications.

Compact Design
The ESP-WROOM-32, which measures only 25.2 mm x 18 mm, contains ESP32 SoC, flash memory, precision discrete components and PCB antenna to deliver remarkable performance in space-limited applications.

Optimized layout
The layout of the ESP-WROOM-32 module pins is optimized, the IC IO pins are grouped together and it facilitates the design of the application board with a minimum trace of the external paths, making the application more compact.

Open and free
We are again open-source! ESP-WROOM-32 schemes and PCB layout are available for download free of charge and can be used as a design reference for the development of customized hardware models based on ESP32.

Ready for production
Suitable for the development of robust design applications on a four-layer board, FCC, CE (RED), IC, TELEC, SRRC and KCC, and with a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

ESP32 – DevKitC
Get what’s important right away – start the prototype with our new SoC, ESP32.
ESP32-DevKitC is a minimal system development board that is powered by our new ESP32-WROOM-32 module and can easily be linked to a test card.

New and powerful
Built around the ESP-WROOM-32 system, this minimal system development board achieves optimal performance thanks to the rich peripheral settings, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provided by our new SoC, ESP32. The only limit is your imagination!

Fast prototyping
Get straight into designing and developing applications without worrying about RF performance and antenna design.
The ESP32-DevKitC system already has the basic system requirements covered. Connect only the USB cable and you are ready to develop!

Flexible and Feature-Rich
ESP32-DevKitC contains the entire basic support circuitry for ESP32-WROOM-32, including a USB-UART bridge, reset- and boot-mode buttons, an LDO regulator and a micro-USB connector. Every important GPIO is available to the developer.

ESP-WROVER-KIT is a highly integrated ultra-low-power development board, achieving great performance with a 4.5MB RAM and a dual-core 240 MHz CPU. Create Internet cameras, smart displays or Internet radios by connecting LCDs, microphones and codecs to it. Have fun!

Built-in USB-JTAG Debugger
Bogged down in bugs? We have come up with a solution! ESP32 supports JTAG debugging, while the ESP-WROVER-KIT integrates a USB debugger, as well. This makes debugging and tracing complex applications very easy, without the need for any additional hardware.

Advanced Hardware
ESP32 is engineered to be fast, smart and versatile. The ESP-WROVER-KIT complements these characteristics by offering an on-board high-speed Micro-SD card interface, VGA camera interface, as well as a 3.2” SPI LCD panel and I/O expansion capabilities.

Wide Compatibility
Have you been developing your applications around the ESP-WROOM-32 module? Not only does the ESP-WROVER-KIT support the popular ESP-WROOM-32 module, but it also supports the new ESP32-WROVER module.

ESP32 – LyraTD-MSC
Designed for intelligent speakers and AI applications. Supports Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Wake-up Interruption and Voice Interaction

Hardware Characteristics
ESP32-LyraTD-MSC is designed for smart speakers and AI applications. This audio development board consists of two parts: the upper board, which provides a three-microphone array, function keys and LED lights; and the lower board, which integrates ESP32-WROVER, a MicroSemi Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip, and a power management module.

Wide Applicability
ESP32-LyraTD-MSC implements voice interaction and cloud-on-demand services for smart speaker applications, human-machine interaction and image recognition for AI applications, as well as interconnectivity and real-time feedback for smart home devices.

Excellent Performance
ESP32-LyraTD-MSC facilitates the quick and easy development of dual-mode (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) audio solutions, as it supports one-key Wi-Fi network configuration, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), near/far-field voice wake-up, cloud platform access, voice recognition, wake-up interrupt and audio decoding.

ESP32 – LyraT
An open-source development board, supporting Espressif Systems’ ADF and featuring voice wake-up, a wake-up button and an audio player. Designed for smart speakers and smart-home applications.

Hardware Characteristics
ESP32-LyraT is an open-source development board for Espressif Systems’ Audio Development Framework (ADF). It is designed for smart speakers and smart-home applications. The dev board consists of the ESP32-WROVER module, a Micro SD card, expansion interfaces, touch buttons and several function keys.

Wide Applicability
With a great variety of voice commands, interactive voice functions and a rich peripheral set, ESP32-LyraT allows the fast development of applications relating to consumer electronics, wearables, smart home and industrial automation.

Excellent Performance
It facilitates the quick and easy development of dual-mode (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) audio solutions , also supporting one-key Wi-Fi configuration, a wake-up button, voice wake-up, voice recognition, cloud platform access, and an audio player.

In conclusion, whenever you want the rapid development of your wireless communication, you can use Espressif Systems chips and modules available through the official distributor – Comet Electronics.

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