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The AMICRA NOVA Pro meets the growing demand for die-bond- and flip-chip-capable machines with high throughput (UPH1000) and maximum accuracy in the 1-micron range. — Image source: ASMPT

Munich, January 17, 2024 – With its new version of the AMICRA NOVA Pro, market leader ASMPT presents one of the most advanced die bonding systems. The platform, which combines high placement accuracy with short cycle times and innovative bonding technologies.

“For speedy data transmissions for precise sensor technology you need equally precise manufacturing technologies,” explains Johann Weinhaendler, General Manager at ASMPT AMICRA in Regensburg, Germany. “To meet the enormous increase in demand in areas like optoelectronics or advanced packaging many electronics manufacturers are currently upgrading their lines. Demand is growing particularly strongly in the silicon photonics sector. For example, you can produce active optical cables for 400/800 Gigabit/sec networks or co-packaged optics with the NOVA Pro.”

Powerful and adaptable

The NOVA Pro places dies in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 25 millimeters with a maximum accuracy of ±1 micron @ 3σ at speeds of up to 1000 units per hour (UPH). At ±3.0 microns @ 3σ it achieves even 3500 UPH. This impressive level of performance is also achieved in flip-chip mode.

The NOVA Pro ensures its trend-setting placement accuracy with its unique dynamic alignment method in combination with laser-based substrate heating technology. And thanks to its Active Bond Force Control, the machine can dose bonding forces with exceptional precision ranging from 10 g to 5000 g. Using an epoxy resin stamp with volumetric dosing, the dies can be affixed with adhesives that get UV-cured in place. The repertoire of precision die fastening methods includes in-situ bonding as well as eutectic die bonding with a bonding tool (up to 350 °C), a ceramic pulse heater (up to 500 °C), or a contactless laser (up to 450 °C). An integrated post-bond inspection ensures maximum quality. With its very generous substrate area of 550 × 600 mm, the NOVA Pro is aimed at the die-bonding market in advanced packaging applications.

Reliable and versatile

“Anyone who opts for the NOVA Pro benefits from the many years of experience of the market leader, who is fully committed to the goal of zero DPMO,” says Johann Weinhaendler. “The high reserves in terms of precision and performance as well as the flexible fixation and bonding options make this machine a future-proof investment.”


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