Fail-safe wireless inertial 6 DoF measurement system ensures maximum flexibility for motion detection

by donpedro

Gleichmann Electronics now offers the W6DoFIMU (Wireless 6 Degree of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit) from SensorDynamics. The module is a complete solution for wireless acquisition and analysis of motion data within the smallest space.
The measurement system, based on combined sensors – SD787 and SD788 – and a receiver unit produced by SensorDynamics, features a large calibrated measurement range of ±300°/s for rotary rate and ±2 g for acceleration. Outside the calibrated measurement range, it is even possible to detect rotary rates of up to 512°/s and acceleration of up to ±6.78 g. All sensors have continuous self-diagnostic functionality, ensuring high fail-safety of the system. The module also integrates a 2D compass for determination of absolute orientation.
Synchronous wireless transmission of the measured values from the sensors takes place via the built-in SD340 transceiver chip for ISM band, which uses standard FMSK modulation in the license-free 433 MHz band. The high data transfer rate of up to 125 kbit/s enables a transfer of all 6 values in 100 Hz increments. Furthermore, an integrated 32 KB flash memory offers users sufficient space for custom encryption algorithms, customer-specific measurement values evaluations, etc.
The six measurement values can be queried at the receiver unit via UART or USB. A transmission range of more than 150 meters is possible depending on the type of antenna used.
Another special feature of the measurement system are the SD330 and SD332 LF circuits, with which the mobile unit can be remotely switched to an energy-saving standby mode. In addition, by adding optionally obtainable transmitter coils, these LF circuits make it possible to localize the module at a range of up to 7 meters with 10 cm accuracy.
The mobile unit, measuring 30 x 85 x 8mm³, withstands shock up to 2000 g and will operate for about 8 hours on a 1000 mAh battery. The exclusive use of components qualified for the automotive market makes the current module suitable for a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. A version for +125°C operation will be available in the first quarter of 2011.
For customers wanting to use the Wireless 6 Degree of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit from SensorDynamics in their own systems, Gleichmann Electronics not only offers the complete measurement module but also extensive design-in support.

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