Exclusively for Rutronik: MPE Garry battery contacts BAT6244 / BAT6247

by donpedro

Ultra-flat and compact design: together with MPE Garry, Rutronik developed a BAT6244 / BAT6247 battery contact that enables the quick and easy replacement and installation of button cells from popular manufacturers. The MPE Garry BAT6244 / BAT6247 battery contacts are available exclusively from https://www.rutronik24.com.

These button cell contacts are surface mountable and allow easy installation and removal of 20-30mm button cell batteries within a battery enclosure. Their very low profile makes them suitable for densely packed PCBs. Their coating of gold flash 0.025 μm over nickel 1-2 μm ensures that the contacts will not fall off the PCB.

German quality control

Safety is ensured by quality control, which is performed in Germany using an X-ray surface-measuring device. Sample and prototype construction is done from a single source. Applications for the MPE Garry BAT6244 / BAT6247 battery contacts include small devices such as smart devices (e.g., LEDs, smoke and heat detectors, payment solutions), consumer devices (e.g., car keys, tracking devices, motherboard buffers), and medical devices (e.g., heart rate monitors, glucose monitors, pregnancy testing devices).

For more information about MPE Garry`s ultra-flat battery contacts and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at https://www.rutronik24.com.



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