Embedded IPC with Intel Celeron M Processor and Desktop Linux

by donpedro

Kontron announced at the Hannover Fair today the fanless Kontron ThinkIO-Solo embedded IPC and the Debian Linux desktop distribution for the Kontron ThinkIO-Duo/-Solo.
The extremely compact (70mm deep / 35mm connector level) and maintenance free Kontron embedded IPC ThinkIO-Solo is equipped with an Intel Celeron M processor clocked at 1.06 GHz, 1 GB RAM, up to 4 GB soldered internal flash and 512KB non-volatile memory.
Both the Kontron ThinkIO-Solo and ThinkIO-Duo include robust aluminium housing, compact flash socket for adding mass storage, standard PC interfaces, and field bus options including industrial Ethernet and a modular I/O interface option. The Kontron ThinkIO enables remote access and connection to a company’s IT infrastructure (ERP systems and databases) while simultaneously providing control functionality at the field level. The interrupt capable onboard inputs can be used to trigger a rapid response to events, such as failure of the external 24 V power supply when using the optional 10ms holdup module according to IEC61131-2/severity level PS2 or when traversing an end stop switch.

A watchdog timer and real-time clock are also included.
Kontron also expanded the software portfolio for its long term available family of embedded IPCs. The new Debian desktop distribution, specifically tailored to the Kontron ThinkIO, includes a convenient PC interface, which enables faster development time. Along with the easy integration of existing software, the user-friendly interfaces help improve customer time to market. Powerful packet-management software for easy upgrading and version control is also included. The new Debian desktop distribution, in addition to Windows XP Embedded and real-time Linux cross compile package, give customers more software options for higher flexibility.

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