element14 Community Hosts Webinar on Implementing Machine Learning at the Edge with Avnet RASynBoard

by gabi

element14, an Avnet Community, in collaboration with Edge Impulse, Renesas, and Avnet, is hosting a free webinar focused on implementing machine learning at the edge using the Avnet RASynBoard.

The webinar aims to provide engineers and developers with insights into the hardware and software enablement available for the Avnet RASynBoard, designed to address complex challenges in machine learning at the edge.

Event Details:

During the webinar, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to the Avnet RASynBoard, emphasizing its hardware components and capabilities. The session will include live demonstrations showcasing the RASynBoard in action, allowing attendees to witness its practical application in solving real-world problems with machine learning at the edge.

What attendees will learn by attending:

  • The hardware components in the RASynBoard design
  • The benefits of ML at the Edge
  • Where to find open source application code to leverage for custom ML at the Edge solutions
  • Where to find documentation to help development teams get started with the RASynBoard
  • How to create a ML model in Edge Impulse Studio and deploy the model to the RASynBoard

“We are excited to collaborate with Edge Impulse, Renesas, and Avnet to bring this informative webinar to the engineering and development community,” said Andreea Teodorescu, Global Director of Product Marketing & element14 community. “The Avnet RASynBoard is a powerful tool, and this webinar will empower attendees to harness its full potential in addressing challenges associated with machine learning at the edge.”

For more information and to register for the free webinar, please visit: https://community.element14.com/learn/events/c/e/1695.


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