Data logger for temperature, relative humidity and dew point

by donpedro

Electronic Assembly can supply a data logger to monitor and record ambient temperature, relative humidity and dew point. The EA SYLOG-USB-2 is ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry, transportation and logistics and general laboratory use. The device can simply be inserted into a PC USB port for fast, uncomplicated analysis of the data which has been logged. Drivers for current versions of Windows are provided.
The EA SYLOG-USB-2 captures temperature and relative humidity data simultaneously and can store up to 16,382 readings. It also calculates the dew point for each reading. The data logging intervals can be in the range between 10 seconds and 12 hours and are user selectable. The date and time when logging starts can also be pre-programmed. Software is supplied for displaying the results on the computer screen in graphics format. The graphs can also be formatted for printing. The data can be converted into a variety of standard formats and exported for further processing. Colored LED indicators display the current device status. The LEDs also indicate whether pre-set minimum or maximum temperature thresholds have been exceeded, which is important to verify the integrity of the cooling chain in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The data logger has an operating temperature range of -35°C to +80°C.


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