Danutek Opens State-of-the-Art Facility in Romania

by gabi

Danutek Balkans Srl, a leading distributor and service provider in the electronics PCBA manufacturing industry is pleased to announce the inauguration of their new purpose-built headquarters and demonstration centre in Timisoara, Romania. The opening of this facility represents a significant strategic investment into Danutek’s future, enabling the company to deliver enhanced services to customers and suppliers. 

The state-of-the-art facility boasts cutting-edge technology, enabling interactive equipment demonstrations, hands-on sample testing, and training sessions – all away from the pressure of the production floor. This innovative approach promises to transform the pre-sales and post-sales experience, streamlining decision-making and fostering deeper customer-supplier relationships.

“I am really pleased with our new headquarters and the renewed energy it has brought to the Danutek Team,” said Marian Gavrilia, General Manager of Danutek. This facility is something to be proud of, offering an outstanding venue to showcase our solutions to partners and enhance the overall pre and post-sales experience. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities this space offers to host customers for equipment demonstrations, not to mention provide best-in-class sample testing and hands-on product experiences away from the production line.”

The new headquarters represents a key milestone for Danutek Balkans Srl as the company looks to solidify its leadership in Romania’s electronics manufacturing sector. The facility will allow Danutek to further develop relationships across the electronics manufacturing community. As Danutek’s capabilities and reach expand from this new centre, the company is strategically positioned to deliver best-in-class service and accelerate growth throughout Romania and the broader Balkans region.

Danutek Balkans

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