BMZ introduces energy storage system POWER BLOXX for commercial users

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BMZ Group, a globally recognized specialist in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, is pleased to introduce the POWER BLOXX plug and play outdoor energy storage container solution for commercial users.

Commercial enterprises are increasingly benefiting from the possibility of producing their own solar power. The time of generation and demand for solar power often differ. POWER BLOXX enables the solar power generated to be stored, making its use independent of time.

POWER BLOXX is specially tailored to the needs of commercial users. It’s the tool of choice when it comes to a need for peak-shaving. Companys with significant peaks in their demand for energy, e.g. for the start of production in the morning, which can occur well before the first sufficient direct energy generation from the PV system (extreme example: bakery with production start at night), suffer from the fact that these load peaks are included in the calculation of their total electricity tariff.

POWER BLOXX thus enables, for example, small commercial enterprises such as craft businesses with electric cars, butchers, bakeries, garden centers, as well as chain stores such as petrol stations, freeway service stations, charging parks, retail and fast food chains or agricultural and industrial businesses to optimize costs and achieve a high degree of autarky from the public power grid. The energy storage options offered by POWER BLOXX are also interesting for larger residential complexes with their own large-scale PV system.

POWER BLOXX can also be of interest to tourism businesses, among others. This applies in particular to mountain pastures and ski huts or campsites that are remote from the power grid, where POWER BLOXX can provide a completely self-sufficient power supply.

POWER BLOXX can also be used as a buffer to optimize revenue if there is a desire to feed energy into the public grid. For example, companies that produce more solar power than they consume in total can feed their electricity into the grid when there is little feed-in (night, heavy cloud cover, fog) and prices on the electricity exchanges are correspondingly high. The pure form of such POWER BLOXX use is suitable for farmers who operate a solar field on their land, for example.

With POWER BLOXX, the BMZ Group has developed a plug-and-play outdoor container solution that is easy to install and operate. Depending on the number of integrated storage modules selected, it can store and use 68 to 204 kWh of electricity with power requirements of 50 to 300 kW. POWER BLOXX is also ideal as an emergency power generator with a long runtime. POWER BLOXX comes with an integrated inverter. This means that POWER BLOXX can be connected directly to an existing PV system. POWER BLOXX is equipped with an intelligent control and monitoring system. POWER BLOXX is a CE-compliant product “Made in Germany” and thus meets the highest quality standards.

The POWER BLOXX container is a standard steel container (length approx. 10ft). The integrated air conditioning system enables operation in the usual European temperature range for use in both summer and winter. The areas of application range from coastal areas to high altitudes in mountainous regions.

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