BLDC motor controller E981.15 with sensorless commutation technique

by donpedro

The new BLDC motor controller E981.15, developed by ELMOS and now available from Gleichmann Electronics, enables a significant reduction of system costs. The E981.15, which comes in a small 7×7 mm QFN package and is based on the patented sensorless VirtuHall® principle, controls BLDC/PMSM motors entirely without external sensors. The device includes controller and driver for the control of six N-channel power FETs with PWM frequencies of between 20 and 60 kHz and provides numerous error and diagnostic possibilities.
The sensorless commutation technique makes the E981.15 ideal for use in a wide variety of applications from the basic voltage control of a BLDC motor, the regulation of speed and the sensorless positioning of drives right up to demanding servo controls. However, the VirtuHall® principle is shown to be particularly advantageous with a very fast motor start at maximum torque or during rapid load changes, because the motor is always controlled with the greatest possible efficiency.
The extensive integrated motor protection functions of the E981.15 include phase short-circuit, detection of too low bootstrap voltage, overvoltage and undervoltage protection as well as an overcurrent detection.

For more information about the E981.15 please send an email to Samples and evaluation boards are available on request.

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