Audio Icon Mark Levinson Teams with Intersil D2Audio to Develop Superior Audio Amplifiers

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Intersil Corporation announced it has signed an agreement with world-renowned audio expert, Mr. Mark Levinson. Under the agreement, Mark Levinson will partner with Intersil to jointly develop custom-tuned audio amplifier solutions that provide audiophile-quality music and sound for the next-generation of consumer products from portable music players to upscale music and home theater systems.
“Reproducing music at the highest level creates emotions that have been lost in today’s world of digital audio. Intersil D2Audio has the technology and commitment to revolutionize the listening experience in every sector of consumer audio. That’s the reason I’m collaborating with Intersil, a world-recognized innovator in semiconductors,” said Mark Levinson. “For the first time, through Intersil’s broad engagement in the consumer audio market, my personal quality expectations can now be universally realized.”
Mark Levinson’s custom tuning of Intersil D2Audio products will provide customers with the unique opportunity to create a wide range of affordable portable, home and automotive audio solutions with superior sonic performance.
“The time has come for a new level of excellence in audio, and Intersil D2Audio is proud to make it happen,” said Dave Bell, Intersil’s CEO. “Working with Mark, Intersil will introduce a new breed of audio chips to this billion dollar market that overcome the limitations of conventional audio amplifiers such as poor frequency response, efficiency and heat dissipation. Combining these attributes with custom tuning by the world’s most respected audio engineer, consumers will now be able to experience higher levels of quality and emotional impact than ever before.”

About Mark Levinson
Drawing on his legendary experience as a jazz musician, recording and mastering engineer and developer of world reference high-end audio equipment, Mark Levinson has become the most respected audio expert of our time. His passion for quality audio reproduction, combined with artistic workmanship, has produced some of the most impressive audio systems the world has ever seen or heard.

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