ACEINNA OpenIMU Sensing Platform Earns the Global New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

by donpedro

ACEINNA today announced that its new OpenIMU platform has received the Frost & Sullivan 2018 New Product Innovation Award in the global inertial measurement unit (IMU) industry.

According to Dr. Rajender Thusu, industry analyst, “ACEINNA’s 2018 launch of its open-source full-stack IMU solution, OpenIMU, distinctly demonstrates its pioneering product innovation excellence in the global IMU market. This professional-grade inertial measurement solution features a combination of the affordable OpenIMU300 hardware and software stack that simplifies the integration of several types of sensors, depending on customers’ specific application needs. It has been designed to meet diverse end-user industry needs. ACEINNA’s OpenIMU supports GPS/global navigation satellite system (GNSS) solutions for enabling precise navigation and self-localization at a lower cost than competing traditional solutions.”

OpenIMU allows for the online simulation of inertial sensors directly through a web interface. In addition, users can leverage the software stack to code sensors to match their respective application needs and then leverage the hardware to run algorithms directly on their vehicles, machines, and systems.

OpenIMU is a very robust solution. Unlike competing IMUs that have a limited algorithm volume framework, the flexible OpenIMU supports an open-source code base that simplifies sensor integration, simulation, algorithm verification, new algorithm creation, and direct deployment on the OpenIMU300 hardware. Therefore, with one complete solution (OpenIMU), ACEINNA‘s customers can affordably leverage a wide range of sensor technologies to meet their advanced automation-driven navigation and self-localization needs, without compromising on accuracy.

“Our extensive research demonstrates that ACEINNA has truly excelled in developing an innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective IMU. The solution’s unmatched accuracy in self-localization and navigation applications is enabled by the inertial navigation software stack. Unlike competing products, OpenIMU is universal in its applications and can be installed in all types of moving vehicles,” explains Dr. Thusu. “For its strong overall performance, ACEINNA has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 New Product Innovation Award in the global IMU industry.”

“We greatly appreciate the time and effort that Frost & Sullivan has put into researching and reviewing our OpenIMU Platform,” explains Mike Horton, CTO, ACEINNA. “We at ACEINNA pride ourselves for being an innovative and forward-looking company that strives to provide the best possible tools and solutions for our engineering customers.”

Much more detailed information about the Frost & Sullivan Award and its analysis of the ACCEINA OpenIMU solution technology, usability, and competitive advantages can be found at


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