118 models added to rotary control knob ranges

by donpedro

Elma Electronic announces the expansion of its range of rotary control knobs with the launch of 118 different “soft feel” and conventional knobs for 4mm, 6mm and 1/4″ shafts. Available in a range of plain and lined configurations, and with a range of up to six body colours for collet and push-on fixing, these new Type K55, K60, K65 and K66 knobs offer opportunities to appeal to a wide range of users and applications, with either “Classic” or “New look” styling. A full programme of matching colour-coded caps, each with a choice of indicator markings, helps complement Elma’s established panel switches and digital encoders. In addition to the listed options, Elma’s complete front panel service includes support for special variants.

The “soft feel” knobs use a 2-shot construction of talc-filled polypropylene with a thermoplastic elastomer for maximum control and a superior feel, while the conventional hard finish uses either talc-filled polypropylene or Nylon 6. All models are rated from -30 °C to +50 °C, with the lined push-on models available with the line in four different index positions relative to the flat on the shaft to suit individual panel layout requirements. Samples and preferred models will be available ex-stock from local offices.

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