Nestwave Collaboration with Trasna Enables Highly Integrated, Low-Power Platform for Next-Generation LPWAN

1 MARCH 2022

NestCore™ IP provides accurate positioning for Safe-IoT NB-IoT chipset targeted at long-life battery-powered IoT devices

Nestwave, a global leader in low-power geolocation for the IoT, has announced that the company’s technology is being integrated into a new All-in-One ultra-efficient narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) chipset from IoT secure hardware and software specialist Trasna Solutions.

Developed by Trasna, the Safe-IoT Chipset will offer a fully integrated NB-IoT platform for low-power wide area networks (LPWANs) embedding RISC-V cores for application, security and radio and enabling iSIM and Nestwave GNSS. It has been   built around large numbers of IoT devices that are expected to operate for many years from a single battery. Target applications include smart cities, logistics, digital farming, Industry 4.0 and smart utility metering.

Nestwave’s solution for the Safe-IoT chipset, designed by Trasna, is based around the company’s NestCore™ IP, which implements a GPS receiver in software, eliminating the need for an external positioning chipset. This allows Trasna to create a platform that will deliver accurate, ultra-low power GPS performance while minimizing component count, cost and size. As a result of the reduced power consumption enabled by the Nestwave technology, IoT devices built around the Safe-IoT chipset are expected to operate for five years or more from a standard 200 mAH battery.

Nestwave CEO Ambroise Popper comments: “By providing the smallest, most power efficient, and lowest component count solution for IoT geolocation our technology allows Trasna to build a platform that addresses the challenge of integrating accurate positioning functionality into battery-powered, low-cost IoT devices.”

Hanene Maupas, Trasna’s Chief Revenue Officer adds: “Trasna is focused on developing and industrializing an All-in-One secure System on Chip solutions with the minimum number of external components to unleash 5G/massive IoT deployment. The Safe-IoT product development team’s experience of creating optimized IoT SoCs and the integration of Nestwave’s NestCore IP allows us to deliver an NB-IoT chipset that will set new benchmarks for ultra-low-power positioning.”

Nestwave IP has been integrated into a variety of chip architectures and on various state-of-the-art DSP/CPU cores. In combination with Nestwave’s NestCloud™ cloud services, this IP enables a very short time-to-first-fix, which allows for much lower power consumption in tracking use cases, without compromising on sensitivity or accuracy. The company’s technology roadmap includes the addition of 5G/4G cellular-based hybrid location functionality and solutions that will improve the accuracy of indoor tracking.


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