Simply Smart: The ((rfid))-UHF Starter Kit

9 JUNE 2021

Test RFID functionality on site

The RFID reader captures all important information.

A wide variety of applications for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be found in everyday life, be it when paying at a supermarket cash register terminal, driving past a toll gate or checking out books from a library. But the contactless storage and reading of data plays a particularly important role in manufacturing and logistics. The comprehensive RFID Starter Kit from Schreiner Services easily paves the way into this modern technology and helps prevent potential challenges.

The data is saved on the RFID-label.

RFID technology offers many additional benefits compared to the conventional barcode method. They include large data capacity and wear resistance. The code can be read from any side and information can subsequently be added. Furthermore, RFID enables bulk reading because several chips can be read simultaneously. However, aside from the many positive aspects, the application of RFID products also poses a challenge: The surroundings may impair the functionality of the chip. For instance, contact with liquids or metals leads to reading issues. Metal boxes and steel structures may affect read range. Therefore, the environment must be checked first to ensure the full performance capacity of an RFID chip.

The Services competence center offers an optimal total package for this purpose: the RFID Starter Kit. It’s a set of equipment for testing RFID functionality at the future place of deployment. The tests take place over a longer period of time and, for realistic on-site testing, the technologies are equipped with a pre-programmed database. The customer receives a complete kit with all key components including selected RFID labels, an RFID TTR printer and an RFID reader.

The RFID printer is used to produce the RFID labels

The user-friendly Starter Kit is available at minimal costs and makes it possible for customers to readily run a comprehensive on-site test phase. The results can be logged within a very short period of time. The technology is subsequently analyzed in terms of performance and ease of use. The Starter Kit lends itself to optimal integration into the existing workflow. Customer-specific wishes concerning the Starter Kit can be implemented with no hassle. In addition, our team members can take care of on-site installation and conduct RFID technology training. Whether concerning the substrate,
data processing or the label: many years of experience and extensive technical know-how in diverse areas of expertise make Schreiner ProTech the optimal place to go in terms of RFID.

Components of the ((rfid)) Starter Kit
•    UHF-RFID labels
•    RFID-TTR printer
•    UHF-RFID reader
•    UHF-RFID Starter Kit software
•    UHF-RFID gate

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