Compact Low On-Resistance MOSFET Devices from Toshiba Significantly Enhance Battery Pack Operation

29 OCTOBER 2020

Targeted at use in the Li-Ion battery packs of portable consumer hardware

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has further expanded its comprehensive portfolio of power saving N-channel MOSFETs with the introduction of the SSM6N951L. Leveraging the company’s advanced power semiconductor process expertise and cutting-edge IP, this 12V-rated common-drain device exhibits numerous industry-leading operational performance parameters.

The SSM6N951L is specifically intended for inclusion in the battery protection circuitry incorporated into the Li-Ion battery packs. Its ultra-low on-resistance (4.6mΩ maximum at a VGS of 3.8V) and minimal gate-source leakage current (1μA maximum at a VGS of 8V) mean that this power discrete device presents much lower thermal characteristics than those of the competition. This is of real value during the battery packs’ charge/discharge cycles, allowing higher density solutions to be developed that support quicker charge rates, as well as having much greater reliability and a longer operational lifespan too.

These new MOSFETs are shipped in low-profile TCSP6A-172101 format packages (with dimensions of 2.14mm x 1.67mm x 0.11mm). As a result, they are optimised for implementation in modern space-limited battery powered equipment.

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