Silex Insight Announces Record-breaking 1.5Tb MACsec Solution To Boost Data Center and 5G Infrastructure

11 JUNE 2020

Silex Insight, a leading provider for flexible security IP cores, announces today their 1.5Tb (Terabit) MACsec (Media Access Control security) engine (BA451) that anchors MACsec security in hardware. In this way, network operators can get the full performance benefits of 1.5Tb Ethernet, and the security benefits of MACsec. 

Cloud computing is ramping up like never before. New host applications are routinely designed to serve millions of clients, and each of these clients expects high-speed service, minimal latency, and tight security. But all these connections might choke even the most powerful servers at the data centers. Feedback from the market has been that a speed of 800G is no longer enough, so Silex Insight R&D team has investigated how to increase this matter and can today launch a record-breaking 1.5Tb MACsec solution.

This high-speed solution is made possible due to architectural optimizations in the underlying AES-GCM Multi-Booster (BA415). Its highly pipelined structure allows for very high frequencies in the most recent ASIC technologies, even when using very wide data paths. Combined with smart and efficient secure frame generation and verification functions, the MACsec Engine is extremely well suited for timing-critical, high-throughput applications.

“Combined with the explosion of cloud processing, the emerging 5G revolution, and new techniques such as virtualization, this called for new answers. In this environment, efficient cryptography accelerators are indispensable.” said Jean-Marie Cloquet, Chief Technology Officer of Silex Insight. “All of us at Silex Insight are proud of our R&D team who understand the market needs and develop accordingly that will benefit all our customers. Not only when it comes to speed, but also bring down their cost of ownership of their datacenter as more and more can be offloaded to the network and security processing to fast hardware“.

The MACsec Engine from Silex Insight implements the latest IEEE 802.1AE specification, providing connectionless data integrity, data origin authenticity and confidentiality on OSI layer 2. Thanks to its scalable architecture, it provides low-latency, line rate acceleration of frame encapsulation, encryption and replay protection.

For more information on the Silex Insight 1.5Tb MACsec Engine Solution, please visit or read our paper on “How Smart Hardware Can Boost Your Data Center“ at

Silex Insight

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