Murata’s filters are first to guarantee reduced noise specification in 5 GHz band for Wi-Fi applications

3 OCTOBER 2019

Murata has announced the release of the BLF03VK series ( of ultra-compact noise filters specifically designed for the 5 GHz band, one of the frequency ranges used in Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) communications. The filters are the first in the world to have a specified, guaranteed impedance value at 5 GHz.

The 5 GHz band for Wi-Fi is known as a high-speed transportation band. However, when a device self-generates noise in this frequency band it interferes with the signal received, resulting in a lower data processing performance and slower transmission. Murata’s new BLF03VK series of noise filters suppress noise in the 5 GHz band that interferes with Wi-Fi signals, thereby contributing to improved data processing capability and faster data transmission.

Aimed at companies designing wireless communication equipment with a Wi-Fi function and those producing 5G equipment such as smartphones, tablet PCs, base stations, Wi-Fi modules, etc., the lineup currently comprises two models: the BLF03VK221SNG with a specified impedance of 220 ohms at 5 GHz, 0.8 A rated current, and the BLV03VK600SNL specified as 60 ohms at 5 GHz, 1.2 A rated current. The parts’ impedance frequency characteristics are controlled to maximize noise suppression in the 5 GHz band, they feature a low DC resistance, and they save on space, with a compact size of just 0.6 x 0.3 mm.

Murata has previously offered several series of noise filters for targeted frequency bands that guarantee impedance in the relevant bands. These are the BLF02RD_GN series of noise filters supporting the 2.4 GHz band, and the BLF03JD_GN series and BLF02GD_GN series supporting the 700 MHz band.

The BLF03VK series of noise filters supporting the 5 GHz band also improve communication sensitivity in Wi-Fi environments for smartphones and other devices. Murata has begun mass production of the series, and will continue to develop products that respond to the demands of the market in a timely manner.


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