eCOUNT embedded presents new high-performance 4K UHD flatpanel controllers

15 FEBRUARY 2018

eCOUNT embedded connects monitors, displays and control panels to the cloud

The CRTtoLCD-91 from eCOUNT embedded is a new flatpanel controller for the development of customer-specific monitors, displays and control panels that supports flat screens with up to 4K UHD resolution. As the first industry solution of this kind, it also offers cloud connectivity plus an integrated RFID reader. Thanks to these innovative three features, the new solution platform of the well-established CRTtoLCD product family provides a completely fresh user experience with brilliant, high-resolution 4K UHD graphics, RFID support for screen unlock authentication, and easy management via cloud apps. This IIoT connectivity for monitors, displays and control panels offers users greater convenience, efficiency and reliability, enabling them for instance to configure distributed installations remotely, monitor the operating status constantly and manage access control centrally.

The feature set in detail
The new 4K UHD CRTtoLCD-91 flatpanel controller from eCOUNT embedded is based on the Himax HX6310-A scaler chip and supports flatpanel displays with 4K-UHD up to 3840×2160@60Hz. Thanks to content-dependent backlight control and new scaling algorithms, displays – even of non-native 4K content – are exceptionally brilliant and sharp.
An optional industry-first HF RFID reader with NFC support and WiFi cloud connection can be plugged onto the controller board. Later this year, a UHF RFID reader with a range of up to 10 meters will be added as an ideal option for logistics applications. The RFID reader enables user authorization management or the identification of RFID tagged goods of all kinds. The WiFi cloud connection, which is designed as a powerful, ready-to-use, end-to-end solution, can be customized and/or expanded as needed. With a comprehensive range of on-screen display functions, as well as extended configuration and scripting options for OEM-specific designs, the intelligent LCD controller board also provides all features OEMs need to develop custom monitors, displays and control panels.
For the connection of flatpanel displays, there are 8 VbyOne lanes @ 3.75 Gbps/lane, or 4 eDP 1.2a lanes @ 5.4 Gbps/lane. RGB color formats up to 30-bit depth and CYbCr (420/422/444) are supported. Graphics and HDCP 1.4/2.2 protected content is handled via DisplayPort 1.4 or DVI/HDMI 2.0. Additional interfaces include Dolby 7.1 audio and analog stereo sound, dual USB for touch functionality as well as keyboard/mouse and 1x USB for client connection to embedded computer systems.

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