EVERLIGHT exhibits Infrared and Automotive LEDs at CEATEC

3 OCTOBER 2017

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, devoted to the development of the domestic and foreign markets, will attend CEATEC for the first time to demonstrate the advantages of diversified product offerings including opto interruptors, couplers, transmitting/receiving components (IR, PD/PT), automotive and lighting components, applied for multi-function printers, touch screens, eye tracking, automotive ambient lighting and lighting applications. We sincerely invite you to experience the overall solutions from EVERLIGHT Electronics.

EVERLIGHT has built/possesses a most complete infrared product portfolio including opto interrupters for reflective or transmission types, digital (SMT) and encoder (ECD), of any size, operating range, photo current and sensing ability according to the requirement. Opto interrupters like the 3-in-1 module SMT1601 (17×12.3×8mm) with digital output, high sensitivity and easy installation is embedded into PCB by barb. Its connector is pluggable without welding. Both indirectly enhance the assembly efficiency by reducing the procedures for welding the traditional opto interrupter on PCB and assembling with the connector. Optical encoders like the ECD1601 and ECD1602 feature a dual phase output with a resolution of 360Lpi/150Lpi, a sensing interval of 0.5mm/2mm, better response speed, higher accuracy and more precise signals. Opto interrupters are widely applied in projectors, scanners, digital single-lens reflex cameras, multi-function printers, printers and vending machines.

Optocouplers: To meet the market demands of power meters, communication equipment and industrial controls, EVERLIGHT continuously expands its scope of couplers packed in DIP, LSOP, SOP and SSOP housings. High-speed optical couplers with 1Mbit/s, 5Mbit/s, 10Mbit/s and 15Mbit/s. are available The Photo Power Triac offering comprises the ELR0223, 1223, 2223 and 3223 series for 0.3A, 0.6A, 0.9A, 1.2A. Especially the ELR3223 series owns excellent dV/dt and power tolerance to match Triac applications such as major appliances and industrial machines. All these products conform to Energy Star and CoC V5.

Automotive LEDs: EVERLIGHT’s 42-51 Chip LED series (1.6×0.8×1.15) has the same luminous performance as the 3528 PLCC but with less than 50% of the size, opening space in automotive applications for instrument panels and indicators. The ceramic packed EL Micro Multi, Topview RGB and Multi Color series for WW&CW, RGB and RGBY ambient lighting respectively, can independently control brightness, light mixing and operation with an MSL Level 1 and 8KV ESD. The ALFS series (Headlamp 1-5 chip) with multiple chips in tiny intervals bring optics close to a single-point light source. This not only enhances the optical requirements of a headlight design, also the ON-OFF cut line will be clearer. An enhanced road visibility compared with a halogen bulb meets the requirements of headlamp, daytime running light and fog lamps. To fully satisfy the high quality demands of vehicle engineering and increasing productivity, we built our new intelligent automotive factory at Tongluo. We are confident to meet the requirements for automotive customers.

At CEATEC, EVERLIGHT not only showcases numerous transmitting and receiving components (IR, PD/PT) in different sizes, emission powers and illumination angles for applications such as e-books, interactive whiteboards, oximeters and household vacuum cleaners, but also LEDs for lighting and signage. Moreover, our R&D, business and marketing teams work closely together, leveraging the professional ability developed over 34 years, to continuously pursue innovation and breakthroughs in terms of package technology, to provide perfect productions for customers.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd.   |    www.everlight.com

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