Editorial by Cornel Pazara

8 MARCH 2017

CP_Editorial-1Electronica Azi was introduced over 17 years ago, focusing mainly on the Romanian electronics market. But as we serviced this market with the latest technological breakthroughs in electronics, we recognize that our viewers are part of a connected world and we needed to address all of the engineers we met along the years by attending the major European Technology trade fairs.

Today we announce that we are embarking on a new venture by offering an English based International version of our publication to our data base of over 70,000 engineers that we have met by attending shows such as Embedded World. The new publication will be entitled Electronica Azi International.

Electronica Azi International will concentrate on several categories. Power IC’s will be a major focus area, covering anything from portable to Automotive and Industrial focused devices. Next, we feel wireless communications IC’s will be of great interest to our readers given the connectivity explosion that has taken place in the last few years. Innovation in Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems have enabled smart machines to automate entire factories and buildings thus increasing productivity by leaps and bounds. Last but not least, Industrial Controls will be another major area of focus and will include coverage of innovations in sensors, connectors and other active and passive components.

The new publication will have 6 editions this year that will be offered in a digital format. Two of those will also be offered in printed copies and will coincided with major trade shows such as Embedded World and Electronica.

We live in a world where technology has raised the IQ of the cars we drive, the buildings we live and work in and has enabled the printing of new organs. Through these new inventions, we can now harness the wind and sun energy in order to power those same machines and buildings. But as we peak into the future, the possibilities are endless and EAI wants to be part of this connected world and to enable the community of engineers worldwide with the latest electronics news. We hope you come along on this exciting ride.

Cornel Pazara
Contributing Editor

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