Industry’s first automotive-grade LIN System-in-Package (SIP) solution including a microcontroller with touch hardware support

11 DECEMBER 2016

MC1347-SAMHA1GxxMicrochip announces the industry’s first automotive-grade Local Interconnect Network (LIN) System in Package (SiP) solution with integrated touch hardware support. The SAMHA1GxxA microcontroller family contains capacitive touch hardware support, an event system and complex PWM capability. The series is ideal for touch button, touchpad, slider, wheel or proximity sensing applications, including optical and haptic feedback.

The SAMHA1GxxA contains an ARM Cotex-M0+ microcontroller (MCU), a LIN transceiver based on Microchip’s fourth-generation LIN IP and a voltage regulator. The system solution comes in a 7 × 7 mm QFN package, with wettable flanks ready for automatic optical solder inspection and is available with 16k, 32k or 64k Flash memory, up to 8KB SRAM and 2kB Read-While-Write Flash.

The microcontroller family is automotive grade and designed to meet the high quality standards of the automotive industry. It features easy-to-create touch buttons with high sensitivity and outstanding noise immunity, supported by our QTouch® software function library. High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) robustness of the LIN communication is fulfilling the requirements of OEMs worldwide.

To accelerate development, Microchip provides the SAMHA1G16X-XPRO development kit which includes support from Atmel Software Framework (ASF). The SAMHA1GxxA device is implemented in the Atmel Studio 7 Integrated Development Environment. Various tools like GCC and IAR C/C++ compilers, ICE debuggers and a QTouch software function library are also available.

All devices in the SAMHA1GxxA family are offered in a QFN 7 x 7 mm package with wettable flanks and are available today for volume and sample production.

Key Facts:

  • New SAMHA1GxxA contains microcontroller, LIN transceiver and a voltage regulator
  • Easily implements touch controls with high sensitivity and outstanding noise immunity
  • Enables touch-button, slider, wheel or proximity-sensing applications
  • Supported by QTouch software function library and a dedicated development board

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Microchip Technology


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