Murata regulated converter delivers POE compliant power from a 12V source

10 MAY 2016

MUR365-SPCMurata announced the SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C, which is designed to deliver isolated 54V Power Over Ethernet (PoE) at up to 240W. This very compact SIP (Single Inline Package) module can power up to 9 PoE devices at 25.5W from a 12V source.
The SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C was developed to deliver power to Ethernet devices over traditional Cat 5 network cables in accordance with IEEE 802.3 PoE requirements. This unique PoE source module is designed to operate in applications that support a 12V power source, converting 12V to 54V @ 240W, to power and support multiple PoE devices.
Proprietary circuit architecture provides a 94% efficient, PoE compliant, 54V output. The module provides PoE safety requirement that include input to output isolation at 2,250Vdc with basic insulation, Over Voltage Protection that meets SELV requirements. The module is packaged in a SIP format to save board space, and to optimize Pout capabilities in demanding applications.
Advanced thermal management allows 240 Watts of power at 60°C in a very compact package. Total PCB board space required is just 2.64” × 0.35” (67.0 × 8.9mm).
With a Vin range of 10.5V to 13.2V, the SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C is suitable for resource-efficient, end-to-end information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystems that utilize PoE devices. These devices might include: VoIP phones, IP cameras, wireless access points, IPTV decoders, network routers, network switches, network Intercoms, Industrial sensors, keyless access systems and lighting controllers.


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