Toshiba Launches Application Processor Development Platforms for Wearable and IoT Devices

26 MAY 2015

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a Hardware Development Kit (HDK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) that together form a development platform for the TZ1000 ApP LiteTM series. Suitable for wearable and IoT devices the TZ1000 series application processors enable activity level monitoring as well as taking a pulse and checking heart rate.
Toshiba is supplying IoT device developers with the HDK and SDK since May 7th, and is also conducting a trial campaign that offers a limited quantity of reference boards and the development environment free of charge.
The TZ1000 series devices integrate a sensor, a processor, flash memory, and a Bluetooth® Low Energy controller in a single package. The series is designed to provide single-device solutions for measuring, processing, saving and communicating the data required for wearable and IoT devices.
The development environment includes a HDK embedded with the TZ1001MBG processor and a biometric sensor board that measures pulse waves and the heart’s electrical activities. The SDK includes driver software that controls each component incorporated in TZ1001MBG, middleware that measures activity and pulse waves, and application software that controls the overall system.
The platform is supported by recommended development tools, including Keil® MDK-ARM and IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM.
The kits will allow users to evaluate and develop software in an environment closer to their final products and to optimise use of the application processor for specific applications. The development environment will contribute to reduced design man-hours and shorten time-to-market.
Toshiba aims to further strengthen the TZ1000 series line-up with the development of software algorithms to measure weak biological signals, like pulse waves and the heart’s electrical activities, as well as environmental data such as temperature and humidity.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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