Now at Rutronik: Super small and highly versatile Infrared LED from Osram

16 APRIL 2014

The Oslon Compact SFH 4710 infrared light-emitting diode (IRED) from Osram Opto Semiconductors closes the gap between high- and low-power IREDs. Despite the very

small package it offers highly versatile output thanks to state-of-the-art thin-film chip technology. It is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.
As a mid-power LED with a typical output of 270mW from an operating current of 500mA, it occupies the output range between Power TopLED and Oslon Black. The SFH 4710 accommodates a small powerful chip with an edge length of 750µm and half the footprint of standard chips in the Oslon Black. With package dimensions of 1.6mm x 1.2mm x 0.8mm, the Oslon Compact is hardly larger than the chip itself and is therefore one of the smallest in its output class. The high output combined with the small package, opens up new applications, particularly where there is little available space but performance demands are high. If required, components can be packed very close together, to increase the optical output.
The SFH 4710 has an emission angle of +/-65° and does not need internal optics or reflectors. But the light can be injected into narrow-angle external optics. With external optics it is ideal for illumination in surveillance applications and for machine vision tasks such as pattern recognition and 3D measurement. This is because the wavelength of 850nm is barely perceptible to the human eye but can be easily detected by camera systems.


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