Everlight Adds Two IRLEDs for Remote Controls and Optical Touch Panels

9 JUNE 2013

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. expands its product offering of ‘invisible’ light sources for remote control applications with two new SMD infrared LEDs (IRLEDs), the IR26-71C and the IR26-61C.
The two IR26-71C models are 940nm side-view SMD IRLEDs that feature superior mechanical (height) and optical (radiant intensity and viewing angle) characteristics which make them ideal for use in remote controls and touch panels. Their height of only 1.2mm allows the target devices to be as slim as possible, even when implemented into portables like mobile phones and tablets. With a radiant intensity of 5mW/sr and 8mW/sr or more at 20mA, they outperform most SMD IRLEDs in the market. The 8.0mW/sr@20mA version catches up with or exceeds 5mm IR diodes, and allows either lower driving currents, to extend the battery lifetime of handheld devices, or increased panel sizes respectively increased transmission distance of remote controls. A viewing angle of 50° ensures that the remote control does not need to be directly pointed towards the receiving device, but instead provides a wide operating range. Based on a similar package design, Everlight offers the IR26-61C IRLED series with a narrower viewing angle of 20° and the PT26-71B phototransistor series, which are both matching pairs designated for small-middle (5-32”) size optical touch panel applications.

EVERLIGHT Electronics

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