Win a Microchip enhanced mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit!

21 JANUARY 2013

EP&Dee is offering its readers the chance to win a Microchip enhanced mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit. The enhanced mTouch Capacitive Evaluation Kit (P/N DM183026-2) provides a simple platform for developing a variety of capacitive touch sense applications using PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24F, PIC24H and PIC32 microcontrollers. The Diagnostic Tool provided allows the user to analyze application-critical information in real-time as it relates to touch sensor behavior.
These evaluation boards are intended to be used to develop a capacitive touch sense application using Microchip’s mTouch Sensing Solution technologies.
A board is used by first connecting a sensor daughter board, and then supplying power to the board via USB, a PICkit™ 3 In-Circuit Programmer/Debugger, or the PICkit Serial Analyzer.
The enhanced kit now contains 4 motherboards
featuring PIC16F1937, PIC18F46J50, PIC24FJ64GB106 and PIC32MX795F512H microcontrollers. It also contains four sensor daughter boards consisting of a Direct 8-Key Board, 12-Key Matrix Sensor Board, 4-channel Slider Sensor Board and 2-Channel Slider Sensor Board.
Also included in the kit is a PICkit Serial Analyzer and USB cable.

For your chance to win a Microchip enhanced mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit, visit: and enter your details in the online entry form.

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